Whitesnake Alumni Shine Again: The Dead Daisies Tease Tour with ‘Slide It In’ Rehearsal


Well, this was inevitable to happen someday.

The Dead Daisies have released a live rehearsal version of the Whitesnake 1984 hit ‘Slide It In,’ which they are planning to add to the upcoming tour setlist. If you are familiar with The Dead Daisies’ lineup changes and the Whitesnake members’ lore, you wouldn’t be surprised about this cover tune.

Three-fifths of The Dead Daisies’ lineup were actually in Whitesnake before: Doug Aldrich on guitar, Brian Tichy on drums, and the newest Daisies bassist, Michael Devin. They played together in Whitesnake for a long period, starting from the beginnings of the 2010s until Doug Aldrich left Whitesnake in 2015. They even released a full-length album together with David Coverdale and Reb Beach in 2011 called ‘Forevermore.'”

It is interesting to hear John Corabi singing David Coverdale’s lines, so check out the song!

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