Dokken Unleashes New Single “Gypsy”


Dokken, the iconic rock band of the ’80s, is back in action with a powerful punch as they release their newest single, “Gypsy,” accompanied by an electrifying music video. This track is a preview of what’s to come on their highly anticipated upcoming album, “Heavens Come Down.”

Following the success of their earlier release, “Fugitive,” just a month ago, “Gypsy” reaffirms Dokken’s signature sound and reaffirms their place in the contemporary rock scene. With hard-hitting riffs, soaring vocals, and a captivating visual narrative, Dokken is proving they have no intention of slowing down, igniting excitement among fans and setting high expectations for the impending album release.

Track listing:

01. Fugitive
02. Gypsy
03. Is It Me Or You?
04. Just Like A Rose
05. I’ll Never Give Up
06. Saving Grace
07. Over The Mountain
08. I Remember
09. Lost In You
10. Santa Fe

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