Hardcore Superstar – Abrakadabra (2022)

Hardcore Superstar’s twelfth album, ‘Abrakadabra,’ was released on March 25th, 2022, four years after the previous album, ‘You Can’t Kill My Rock N Roll.’ The band began working on this release before the pandemic. Prior to its release, the band started releasing singles in August of 2021. There were five singles released from this album.

Musically speaking, this album brings a few changes to the overall Hardcore Superstar sound. Although you can still hear those unique HCSS sleazy riffs delivered by the band’s guitarist, Vic Zino, it is obvious that this time they were looking for a more classic rock oriented vibe. The overall sound is tweaked in that direction if we compare this release to the others in the band’s catalog, but the execution remains the same. Jocke Berg still sounds like it’s 1997 or 2005. Tell me, how many well-known rock singers stay in the same vocal shape on their twelfth album in their career? The rhythm section, consisting of Magnus Andreasson and Martin Sandvik, lays the foundation, concrete and hard as always.

This album showcases Hardcore Superstar, the kings of modern sleaze, attempting to jump on the new wave of classic rock train. They execute this endeavor quite effectively, infusing the whole genre or movement with their trademark filthy, sleazy edge.

“Abrakadabra” is a testament to the band’s enduring commitment to the rock ‘n’ roll ethos. With its infectious melodies, rebellious spirit, and lyrics that celebrate the genre, this album is a must-listen for fans of hard-hitting, unapologetic rock music. In a world where music genres come and go, Hardcore Superstar reminds us that the magic of rock ‘n’ roll will always endure. “Abrakadabra” is a compelling chapter in the band’s journey, and it’s bound to leave you chanting for an encore.

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