Mickey Mouse Sings Guns N’ Roses? The Weirdly Terrifying World of AI Music

The initial decision was for us not to talk about AI-generated music on this website, but since Guns N’ Roses officially released an AI-generated video for their newest single, “The General,” we decided to shift our policy. What can we say. It’s their fault, intentional or not…

AI music is spreading like a disease over the internet. Just go to YouTube and type “your favorite artist AI,” and you will see an enormous amount of videos. This artist sings the song from other artist, dead or alive, combinations that you could never imagined, it doesn’t matter; they are out there and AI can make it all.

What is most terrifying is that they are getting better by the day. The genie is out of the bottle, and it’s probably never coming back. Scrolling through these videos can really mess with your head too. Not to mention the fact that they have significantly more streams than normal human-made music, which is also dreadfully problematic. But that can be a topic for another time.

Anyway, we found one that is rather interesting that we want to draw your attention to. It’s a video from the YouTube channel LEH where you can hear Mickey Mouse singing a Guns N’ Roses song, using the actual voice from the cartoon! Why they chose to do this combination, well, you can hear it for yourself. It is frightening but somehow.. just listen for yourself.

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