Suicide Bombers “All For The Candy” – New Song and Video

Norwegian sleaze rockers Suicide Bombers have dropped a new single, “All For The Candy,” accompanied by a sugary-sweet music video. This track is part of the upcoming album announced by the Oslo quartet, set for release on February 2nd.

The band, consisting of Chris Damien Doll (“Sleaze Fuhrer”), lead guitarist Stevie Teaze (“Sex Toy”), bassist C. Slim (“The Thunder Mechanic”), and drummer Lyle Starr (“The Beat Commando”), is marking a five-year gap since their last album, “Murder Couture.” The release of “All For The Candy” heralds their return, offering fans a taste of what’s to come from this energetic and charismatic sleaze rock outfit.

Don’t forget the release party concert on 10th of February, with a band Kardang as the support act, if you are around Oslo.

The new song is a fantastic dirty sleaze rock tune that Suicide Bombers are known for – no compromises, right in the center, just as they always deliver. As for the video, well, if you’re into a dirty, sleazy, hot candy crush saga, then it’s definitely for you. Check it out yourself it is practically a new subgenre in the making – candy sleaze!