The Dead Daisies Invited Fans to Vote on Songs for New “Best Of”

Now you can be to one to decide the next songs for The Dead Daises compilation!

The band had a great time in 2023 celebrating a Decade Of Rock with the release of a ‘BEST OF’ Album along with several tours. The collection of songs on the Album was taken from the band’s studio albums and consisted of both favourite tracks chosen by the TDD team and songs that appear in every Daisies Touring Set List.

While we were on the road last year a lot of you guys told us that we missed some of your favourites so, we thought we’d give you the chance to pick your very own BEST OF!

Now, you can choose your favourite Daisies songs … The top 20 tracks chosen by you guys, will be collated for a ‘For The Fans By The Fans’ digital album release.

You can cast your votes here. It is very interesting to see what songs are going to make this time, so choose wisely!

These are the songs from the previous “Best Of” release from 2023:

Disc 1
“Miles In Front Of Me”
“Lock N’ Load”
“Face I Love”
“Midnight Moses”
“With You And I”
“Something I Said”
“Fortunate Son”
“Long Way To Go”
“Song And A Prayer”

Disc 2
“Make Some Noise”
“Rise Up”
“Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)”
“Bustle And Flow”
“Hypnotize Yourself”
“Born To Fly”
“The Healer” (Unreleased track)
“Let It Set You Free” (Unreleased track)

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