Art Of Anarchy “Die Hard” – New Song and Video

US rockers Art Of Anarchy have released a new single, “Die Hard,” from their upcoming album, “Let There Be Anarchy,” set to be released on February 16th. The current lineup of the band consists of Jeff Scott Soto, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Jon Votta, Vince Votta, and Tony Dickinson.

The band made a comeback last fall with the single “Vilified” after a six-year hiatus during which they underwent significant personnel changes. Jeff Scott Soto has taken over vocal duties from Scott Stapp, who was the band’s singer on the previous record, “Madness” from 2017.

It was an interesting choice for this supergroup/band to even consider coming back after the Scott Stapp era ended. Obviously, the sound is different now, judging by these two songs, and maybe it’s best to wait for the whole album to come out and then make some judgments. By the way, don’t forget that before Scott Stapp, there was another Scott singing on the first album that this group released in 2015. It was the legendary Scott Weiland.

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