Celebrated Songwriter and Producer Announces Departure from Frontiers Music

Well, this is interesting and a bit shocking. The one and only, Alessandro Del Vecchio, the celebrated songwriter and long-time in-house producer for Frontiers Music, has announced his departure from the label across various aspects after more than a decade working with this label.

Here is the full statement from Alessandro’s Facebook page:


I know this might sound like a shock to some, but it’s been going on for a few months now and I’m ready and glad to move on.

I’m grateful for all we’ve done together in these 13 years full of music and success. The new conditions and changes created a situation that I didn’t want to be part of anymore. Still, Edge Of Forever and Vanden Plas Official are signed to Frontiers, so no worries about that. I just won’t be an in-house producer/songwriter and A&R for them anymore.

With Frontiers I was able to produce, work, and chart with some incredible artists like Mr.Big, Journey, Blue Oyster Cult, Night Ranger (my first #1 on Billboard), JORN, and Hardline and build incredible projects like Revolution Saints, the new successful era of Sunstorm, Iconic, Cleanbreak, Resurrection Kings, The End machine, Black Swan Band and many others. As an A&R for the label, I brought amazing artists like Marc Storace, GOTUS Music (absolutely one of the best albums I’ve ever worked on), Demon, Lalu, Honeymoon Suite, The Big Deal, and Nitrate, among many others, and I was also able to pitch one of the biggest metal bands of all time, Manowar.

My musical future is now all for Edge Of Forever, Hardline, Jorn, and Vanden Plas, and I cannot wait to tour with ProgJect in America in June and sing with some of the best musicians on the planet!

I’ll keep producing bands, writing songs, and mixing records for artists, labels, and bands, cause that’s what I love to do.

2024 will also bring my first solo album, which is absolutely different from what I’ve always done. It’s instrumental, it’s prog, there’s no guitars but the songs are filled with Hammond, Mellotron, and Minimoog.

The drummer is probably the most iconic and recognizable drummer of all time, and I might be talking to a couple of guys for some guitar solos too:-) Let’s see!

As you can see, there are lots of exciting things ahead and I cannot wait to see what the future will bring.

I’ll see you all up the road for my next shows or in the studio to produce, write, or mix some new fantastic music!

Wishing the best of luck to Frontiers for their future!

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