Circus of Creativity: Budderside Frontman Patrick Stone Chooses Music Video Over Car

In an interview with The Bay Ragni Show, Budderside frontman Patrick Stone shared an interesting anecdote about a funny moment where he faced a decision between purchasing a new car or investing in a music video for the band. Stone vividly recounts the moment he found himself test driving a car he had fallen in love with. As he cruised along, envisioning himself behind the wheel, he suddenly found his mind drifting to his own circus of creativity for possible music video.

In a moment of realization, Patrick Stone reflects on the cost of the car and compares it to the potential budget for a music video:

“Yeah, I remember that moment vividly. I was test driving this car, completely enamored by it. But then, in the midst of it all, this idea just struck me like lightning. I thought, you know, a video in a circus setting with a bunch of flame-breathing contortionists probably costs about the same as this car. And suddenly, the car didn’t seem as appealing anymore. So, I said to myself, screw the car, I’m gonna make that video instead. And you know what? I haven’t looked back since. It’s all about investing in the dream, man.”

Stone’s decision to forego the car in favor of financing a music video speaks volumes about his dedication to Budderside’s artistic vision. It exemplifies the band’s ethos of prioritizing creativity and expression over everything else. Something that he mentioned several times during this interview.

In addition to that, Patrick Stone also discussed things about the upcoming tour with The 69 Eyes, new members only for this tour, relationship with other band members, his involvement with the band Sweet, new album coming in the end of the June possibly, YouTube censoring band’s latest video and many more interesting things.

And now, let’s talk about the videos. The video he referred to, the idea that came to his mind while he was driving that car, is a video for the song ‘Amber Alert’ featuring Carla Harvey from Butcher Babies, from the band’s second album ‘Spiritual Violence’ (2021).

The other one that YouTube banned, and than it needed to be censored is the band’s newest release “Good For Nothing.”

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