Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts “Glorybound” – New Song and Video

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts have released a brand new single, “Glorybound,” accompanied by a captivating music video. This is the second new song that we’ve had the chance to hear from the Atlanta rocker, which will be a part of his second album. The album will be available later this year under the Golden Robot Records.

In an intimate reflection, Tuk Smith shares the inspiration behind “Glorybound,” citing his personal journey over the last decade as a driving force behind the song’s impassioned lyrics. The accompanying video, shot and directed by Video Rahim, offers a decade-long retrospective, blending new and old footage featuring Tuk’s friends, fans, and past bandmates. With roots tracing back to his hometown of Griffin, Georgia, and poignant nods to his upbringing, “Glorybound” encapsulates Tuk Smith’s musical evolution and enduring connection to his rebellious spirit.

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