Where Is Simon Cruz – The Crashdiet Documentary Part 2

The hidden title of the second installment of RichyKearnsProduction’s Crashdiet documentaries should have probably been “Where the Hell Is Simon Cruz?” Two months after Part One, which focused primarily on Crashdiet’s founder and lead singer Dave Leppard, Part Two delves into the story of the mysterious jetboy-punky frontman, Simon Cruz. Cruz fronted the band from 2009 to 2015, appearing on two albums: “Generation Wild” (2010) and “Savage Playground” (2013).

Sometimes, you don’t need big production companies to produce a documentary series about your favorite band. All you need is a fellow fan with knowledge and the will to give his favorite band the credit it certainly deserves. I mean, I wouldn’t mind seeing a big production documentary about Crashdiet, but until that happens (and it ain’t happening soon let’s be real), Richy’s documentaries are going to be welcomed here and spread for all of you kids of the underground of a generation wild.

Was Simon Cruz’ era the best era of Crashdiet?

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