Crashdiet’s Dave Leppard Honored in Insightful Documentary

Scrolling down YouTube I came across an interesting video from RichyKearnsProduction about the legendary Crashdiet founder and singer, Dave Leppard, that I would like to share with the readers of the website. The video, short yet powerful and informative, delves into the beginnings of the Swedish sleaze rockers Crashdiet and sheds light on a fact that many people may still not fully grasp these days. Crashdiet was, in fact, one of the bands – if not the band – that reinvented glam metal in the 2000s, a time when the genre was facing challenges. With their debut album, “Rest In Sleaze,” released in 2005, Crashdiet solidified a new path for this kind of music, often referred to as the New Wave Of Swedish Sleaze in that era.

Crashdiet was no ordinary band; they initiated a revolution, creating an underground movement for legions of new fans craving the spirit of Guns N’ Roses, Skid Row, or Motley Crue for their generation. Crashdiet, and specifically Dave Leppard, epitomized this new wave in full swing. Sadly, he committed suicide in early 2006, but his legacy still resonates in all of us kids from the underground!

You don’t see many videos like this one about bands from the 2000s, and that is the reason why this video is so precious and important Kudos to Richy for the excellent video, reminding us of how significant Dave and his band were. Watch the video down below and check out his channel for more similar and great content.


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