Who Played Bass on “Theater Of Pain”? – Tom Werman Debunks Claims

In a recent interview with Full and Bloom, renowned music producer Tom Werman addressed allegations suggesting that Nikki Sixx, founding member and bassist of Motley Crüe, did not perform bass duties during the recording of their iconic album ‘Theater of Pain.’ According to Werman, these claims are entirely false, stating that he was present throughout the entire process and that both he and Sixx recall the bassist being actively involved in the sessions.

Werman explained that he was surprised by the assertion made by a guy name Greg Leon claiming to have witnessed Sixx being replaced due to his alleged lack of skill or substance abuse issues. He emphasized that he would have noticed if such substitutions occurred, given his involvement in each project and his commitment to crediting musicians accurately.

Furthermore, Werman mentioned that he had previously discussed the challenges faced by Sixx during the recording of ‘Shout at the Devil,’ which included wearing a cast, yet he maintained that Sixx remained integral to the band’s creative process.

This dispute over historical accuracy regarding Motley Crüe’s musical legacy highlights the importance of preserving accurate accounts of events within the music industry. It also serves as a reminder of the significant role producers like Tom Werman played in documenting and promoting the careers of many legendary artists.

Listen to the interview down below:

The controversy regarding Nikki Sixx’s involvement in the bass tracks on Motley Crue’s album “Theater of Pain” stems from a claim made by someone identified as Matthew Trippe, suggesting that Trippe played bass instead of Sixx during part of the “Theater of Pain” tour. This assertion contradicts the widely accepted understanding that Sixx performed all the bass duties throughout Motley Crue’s career, including the recording sessions for “Theater of Pain.” However, there is no substantial evidence supporting Trippe’s claim beyond the individual’s statement itself. Tom Werman denied the existence of any session musicians replacing Sixx during the recording process, emphasizing that Sixx was the primary bassist for Motley Crue. Despite the lack of credible sources confirming Trippe’s account, the rumor persists among certain fan communities. Nikki Sixx himself has not publicly addressed the specific accusations attributed to Matthew Trippe; however, he has acknowledged that “Theater of Pain” contained inconsistent material due to the challenges faced by the band at the time, particularly related to substance abuse.

Discussing his book “Turn It Up: My Time Making Hit Records in the Glory Days of Rock Music” in the aforementioned interview, Tom Werman also talks about the process of writing the book and its content, which includes chapters on bands he worked with, such as Mötley Crüe, Poison, Ted Nugent, Molly Hatchet, and Cheap Trick. The book was released in November last year.

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