Legends In The Making: The Remarkable Story of Frankie and Zorky


In the late 1970s, in the heart of the vibrant rock scene of Los Angeles, destiny wove a unexpected encounter between two musicians who would go on to make history. This is the tale of Frankie and Zorky, whose meeting laid the groundwork for the iconic partnership culminating in the formation of Mötley Crüe. But who the hell were Franky and Zorky?

The story begins with Frankie struggling to make ends meet in the City Of Angels. His priorities were clear – music was his passion, and everything else took a back seat. After a lot of eviction notices and odd living arrangements while he was in Glendale, Frankie found himself living in a converted garage in Burbank. He found a working gig at a liquor store in a humble establishment on Burbank Boulevard.

That liquor store was the place where fate intervened in the form of a mysterious figure clad in black – Zorky Charlamagne, whose real name was actually Bob Deal. Their initial exchange sparked curiosity and intrigue, two alley cats sizing each other up in the dimly lit liquor store. The conversation quickly turned to music, revealing a Zorky’s love for the guitar and admiration for legends like Jeff Beck and Paul Butterfield. On the other hand Frankie expressed his obsession with bands like Aerosmith and New York Dolls.

A chance invitation to witness Zorky’s band, Spiders and Cowboys, at the nearby Stone Pony, proved to be a pivotal moment. His performance and especially the electrifying guitar solo, utilizing a mic stand as a slide, left an indelible mark on young Frankie, who was looking for his own peace of music magic these days, igniting a newfound respect and admiration for the talented guitarist.

Their paths diverged momentarily, only to converge once again under the patronage of destiny. The audacious ad in the Recycler, seeking a “loud, rude, aggressive guitarist,” caught the attention of a three music hungry dudes led by the tall dark haired bassist. Little did they know, fate had already intertwined their lives years prior.

The audition for the new project marked the reunion of Frankie and Zorky, now transformed into Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars. It wasn’t until a week later that the realization dawned upon them – they were not just two strangers brought together by chance, but kindred spirits bound by their shared love for music.

“Oh my God, you’re that kid from the liquor store!”

“Oh my God, you’re Zorky from Spiders and Cowboys!”

And thus, the legend of Mötley Crüe was born, fueled by the fire ignited in the hallowed halls of the Stone Pony and the streets of Los Angeles.Despite their current disagreements, this story remains one of the most crucial in Motley Crue’s history.

The entire tale is described in detail in Nikki’s book, “The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx” from wich we got initial inspiration to write this story. Currently, Motley Crue is preparing for the continuation of their tour and teasing new music, while Mick Mars has released his debut solo album.

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