Lypswitch “Out Of Control” – New Song and Video

Sleaze hard rockers LYPSWITCH has recently dropped their latest single, ‘Out Of Control,’ along with an exciting music video. This song is the second in a series of three new tracks that are part of a bigger collection comprising 17 songs and a 20-page booklet.

Their first single, “Rattlesnake Skin,” was released in March. What makes this release stand out is how LYPSWITCH combines their unique sound with lyrics that really make you think. The entire collection has been remastered by Anthony Focx, known for his work with big names like Ace Frehley, Aerosmith, and Foreigner. He was also guitar player in early 2000 “super-group” Beautiful Creatures.

So, if you’re a fan of hard-hitting rock music with a twist, LYPSWITCH’s latest release is definitely worth checking out!


Danny Whaley on Vocals

Mick O’Brien on Guitars

David Love on Bass

Kevin Agosta on Drums

LYPSWITCH ‘World of Sin’ Track Listing:

1. World of Sin

2. American Song

3. Somewhere Someplace 

4. Watch Me Live

5. Carry Me Away

6. Rock N Roll Ain’t Pretty

7. Thirst

8. Domination

9. Rattlesnake Skin 

10. Fever/Psychedelic

11. Sex on the Sun

12. Razorblade Slide

13. Kiss in the Dark

14. Get Out – Run

15. Out of Control

16. Man in the Middle

17. Dave’s Song  

Originally from Orlando, Florida moved to Hollywood April of 1988. The band kicked and clawed their way around the Strip scene packing the usual hotspots such as The Whisky (a favorite of theirs), Gazzarris, The Roxy, and The Troubadour while frequently playing with rival bands such as Taz, Scratch, Liquor Sweet, Blackboard Jungle, Funhouse, as well as Bang Tango and Love/Hate, who, of course, went onto significant label success. Along with that healthy competition, LYSWITCH also had plenty of press from L.A. rags like BAM, Rock City News, and Screamer, as well as even getting coveted airplay on the legendary KNAC Pure Rock 105.5FM with their first single “Rattlesnake Skin” in late 1989 and 1990. Along the way, they also took part in the L.A. band traditions of posting flyers, making phone calls to people on their mailing list, and even sending newsletters to people who listed themselves in the pen pal section of Metal Edge Magazine. It was an idea that helped the band spread their name all over the country and even internationally!

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