Lypswitch “Rattlesnake Skin” – New Single and Debut Album On the Way After 35 Years

It is never too late to release your debut album,” and this is precisely the case for the band Lypswitch, which was formed in 1988 when they moved from Orlando to Los Angeles. Thanks to Eönian Records, their debut album “World Of Sin” is finally set to be released on March 29th of this year.

Many bands from the Sunset Strip didn’t manage to get their albums released on time, but thanks to dedicated record labels such as Eönian Records, more and more interesting bands from this era are getting their music out to fans around the world.

The hard-hitting Sunset Strip rock outfit fronted by lead vocalist Danny Whaley, is set to electrify fans with their latest offering, “Rattlesnake Skin.” The band, comprised of guitarist Mick O’Brien, bassist David Love, and drummer Kevin Agosta, has unveiled a lyric video for the track, offering a tantalizing taste of their upcoming album, “World of Sin.”

Track List for World of Sin:
01. World of Sin
02. American Song
03. Somewhere Someplace?
04. Watch Me Live
05. Carry Me Away
06. Rock N Roll Ain’t Pretty
07. Thirst
08. Domination
09. Rattlesnake Skin?
10. Fever/Psychedelic
11. Sex On The Sun
12. Razorblade Slide
13. Kiss In The Dark
14. Get Out – Run
15. Out of Control
16. Man In The Middle
17. Dave’s Song?

Kevin Agosta, drummer for LYPSWITCH, “It is great to see these recordings released 35 years after the band moved to Hollywood to follow a crazy childhood dream. We are all very happy with this final product, including remasters and 3 newly recorded songs, with 17 tracks altogether. The remastering work by Anthony Focx was flawless, and the artwork and overall packaging simply kicks ass! We are extremely proud of “World Of Sin” and can’t wait to see the responses from a worldwide audience! Many thanks to our friends at Eonian Records!”

Stephen Craig, Eonian Records Founder, said, “I have been friends with the guys in LYPSWITCH since we released the four-disc box set “Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebels & The Sunset Strip” in April of 2015. Kevin and I remained in touch, and when the time came, they were a natural addition to the Eonian family. In the early days, LYPSWITCH categorized their sound as “underground punk-funk street rock.” When the guys arrived in Hollywood via Orlando in April of 1988, the glam scene was morphing to a more street-level sound, so they didn’t have to adapt much to fit in; however, the band’s sound naturally got more down & dirty. If you are a fan of Guns N’ Roses, L.A. Guns, Bang Tango, Love/Hate, and Funhouse, LYPSWITCH is for you! We consider this an essential piece of L.A. Sleaze Metal history and a must for collectors.”

For more info about the release – check here.

About Lyswitch

Originally from Orlando, Florida moved to Hollywood in April of 1988 – The band kicked and clawed their way around the Strip scene, packing the usual hotspots such as The Whisky (a favorite of theirs), Gazzarris, The Roxy, and The Troubadour, while frequently playing with rival bands such as TAZ, Scratch, Liquor Sweet, Blackboard Jungle, Funhouse, as well as Bang Tango and Love/Hate, who, of course, went onto significant label success. Along with that healthy competition, LYSWITCH also had plenty of press from L.A. rags like BAM, Rock City News, and Screamer, as well as even getting coveted airplay on the legendary KNAC Pure Rock 105.5FM with their first single “Rattlesnake Skin” in late 1989 and 1990. Along the way, they also took part in the L.A. band traditions of posting flyers, making phone calls to people on their mailing list, and even sending newsletters to people who listed themselves in the pen pal section of Metal Edge Magazine. It was an idea that helped the band spread their name all over the country and even internationally! 

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