Circus of Power “Need For Speed” – New Song

Circus of Power, the iconic NY street rock band led by frontman Alex Mitchell, is revving up excitement with the release of a brand new track titled “Need For Speed.” This adrenaline-fueled anthem is set to be featured on the upcoming fifth anniversary reissue of their album ‘Four.’

The group, known for their raw energy and street-biker style of rock, first burst onto the scene in the late 1980s with their self-titled debut album in 1988. Since then, they’ve continued to captivate audiences with albums like ‘Vices’ (1990), ‘Magic & Madness’ (1993), and the critically acclaimed ‘Four,’ released in 2017.

Here is the message from band’s Facebook page:

“HERE IT IS Y’ALL. BRAND NEW SONG!!! Video by Billy Baker, Mix by Urban OlssonJohn Sharkey on bass and guitar, Billy Tsounis on guitar, Mark Benquechea on drums. Recorded at Beach Avenue Studios in Inglewood. Co-produced by Mike Boeti. Engineered by Aaron Cruz. This jam will be on the upcoming 5 year anniversary reissue of our album ‘FOUR‘. Artwork on the C.O.P. logo by Amy Nicoletto.”

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