New Motley Crue Songs Are a Cross Between Country and Hip Hop?

Nikki Sixx provided a brief update about new Motley Crue songs on his Twitter/X account on April 4th. He twitted, or x-ed, the following:

“New CRÜE coming up right around the corner. People who have heard it say it’s a powerful cross between country and hip hop.”

Ok… What if hipothetically, they are a cross between country and hip hop, and Nikki Sixx wasn’t being sarcastic and trolling?

Let’s get back to recent history to see what we know about the new songs so far.

In the previous interview with Desert Sun, Tommy Lee said the one of the three new tracks is called “Dogs Of War” and the other one is a rendition of Beasite Boys’ (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!).

Now let’s go even further back.

In May 2023, we wrote an article stating that John 5 revealed some information about the new songs on Eddie Trunk’s Sirius XM Trunk Nation. Almost a year ago, he said following (quoting):

“Songs are heavy and aggressive: John was asked to compare the songs to the Shout At The Devil (?) album, to which he replied that the songs are heavier than anything on that album”.

Let’s just add that he also mentioned that the songs were 100% completed, which Nikki confirmed, and that they recorded a ‘handful of songs.’ All this was said back in May 2023.

I’ll reiterate what was written in our article back in 2023. How heavy is ‘Shout At The Devil’? By the standards of the early 1980s, it may be heavy, but the field of heavy music has progressed significantly in the past 40 years.

On the other hand, whom should we believe?

Will songs continue to be heavy, or will they lean towards country/hip-hop? Well, let’s just say Nikki wasn’t joking. In that case, you know what, with all due respect to those music genres, they don’t typically align with the term ‘heavy’ in the same phrase or sentence.

As much as I’m excited to hear new Motley Crue music, as I guess we all are, I really, and I mean really, do not want to hear John 5’s chicken-picking guitars in those new songs I mean it’s a cool technique but not for Motley Crue. He is known for doing that by the way. And maybe that’s the reason why Nikki even mentioned country music.

However, about hip hop… um… if Vince Neil can’t sing like before and he wants to rap… fine. I can live with that as long as there is some decent music to back it up.

Anyway,we will just need to wait and see, but all these is really weird and messed up, like everything involved Motley Crue, and that is exactly why we all like it so much!

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