Heavy and Aggressive – What to Expect From The New Motley Crue Music?


What’s going on with the new Motley Crue music? We asked this question a while ago on one of the Reddit groups, and now we finally have some more information about it, thanks to the new Motley Crue guitarist John 5, who recently spoke with Eddie Trunk on Sirius XM’s Trunk Nation.

So the new music that the band is recording with the legendary producer Bob Rock is going to be

  • songs are heavy and aggressive:John was asked to compare the songs to the “Shout At The Devil” album, to which he replied that the songs are heavier than anything on that album
  • the songs are 98% ready – Nikki Sixx also twitted today that the songd are in the rough mix phase (13.05. edit: songs are 100% ready according to Nikki Sixx, he twitted)
  • they recorded the “handful of songs” – John didn’t specify the exact number of songs
  • the band still don’t know in what capacity these songs are going to be released

So, you’re probably wondering why we’re writing all of this. This is simply a kind of mini-analysis of what Motley Crue is actually preparing when it comes to new songs. Firstly, the whole story about the new music started somewhat unexpectedly, at a time when the drama between Motley and Mick Mars was reaching its peak. Drama in show business is a normal thing. It has always existed and will always exist. Perhaps it attracts the most attention from the audience, but it’s not what is most important and defining for a band. It’s not even the live performance. Live performances can sometimes be bad, sometimes good, and therefore they are something that is variable. They are certainly important, but not to the extent that new songs, or the music itself, are. That’s what interests us the most here. Songs are what connect all fans worldwide; they are the essence and soul of every band.

What to expect from the new songs? As we can see from the band members’ statements so far, there isn’t much crucial information. It will be heavy and aggressive. More than “Shout At The Devil.” That’s fine, although that album may have been heavy by the standards of the early 1980s, things have changed a lot today. What’s certain is that Motley Crue has already created pretty heavy songs with Bob Rock in the 90s, so there’s no doubt they will be in that vein. On the other hand, last time they recorded with John 5 for the The Dirt soundtrack, well, those songs were not that heavy, where they?

The execution? The strategy of releasing singles one by one seems most realistic from this perspective, which will later result in an album. This is just our prediction that doesn’t have to be accurate at all. All in all, it seems that the band is very eager to make new music and immortalize this moment of their career. Whether they planned it long ago or made the decision in the midst of the mentioned drama (because it really seems so), will be revealed when the new songs become available. Until then, we will follow this story, and you are welcome to write to us—what do you think the new music will be like?

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