7 Things Things You Didn’t Know About Slash’s New Solo Blues Album

Slash released a blues solo album called “Orgy Of The Damned” on Friday, May 17th, featuring many great and famous musicians as contributors. The last time he did something similar was back in 2010, when the legendary top-hat guitarist released a hard rock-oriented album. This time, blues took over, but hey, it’s Slash. Slash and blues go together; we can all agree on that. In that spirit, here are 7 interesting things you didn’t know about the album “Orgy Of The Damned.”

1.Blues Tribute

“Orgy Of The Damned” is a deeply personal tribute to the blues genre, which Slash considers the foundation of rock guitar. The album reflects his enduring love for blues music, a genre introduced to him by his grandmother. Slash had long harbored a dream of making an album with guest singers, indicating his desire to collaborate creatively with other musicians. According to him it all started back with Slash’s Blues Ball back in the late 90s.

2.Diverse Collaborations

The album features a variety of guest artists from different musical backgrounds. Notable collaborators include Chris Stapleton, Brian Johnson, Billy Gibbons, Steven Tyler, Iggy Pop, Dorothy, Beth Hart, Chris Robinson, Paul Rodgers, Gary Clark Jr. and pop star Demi Lovato, each bringing a unique flavor to the tracks they worked on.

3.Veteran Team

Slash worked with seasoned musicians he had previously collaborated with, including Teddy Andreadis, who was a keyboard player for Guns N’ Roses, and Johnny Griparic, a long-time friend and former bandmate from Slash’s Snakepit. Mike Clink, the producer renowned for his work on Guns N’ Roses’ “Appetite for Destruction,” contributed his expertise to the album, ensuring top-notch sound quality and production.

4.Emotional Connections

Demi Lovato was chosen to sing “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” due to her personal struggles with substance abuse, which resonated with Slash’s own experiences. This emotional connection added depth to the collaboration.

5.Unexpected Studio Visit

The song “Killing Floor” incorporates elements not only from the song of the same name but also from other Howlin’ Wolf tunes, demonstrating Slash’s creative blending of musical motifs to create something unique. Brian Johnson’s involvement in the project happened spontaneously when he visited Slash’s studio for another purpose. He liked “Killing Floor” since it was a song of his upbringing, same as Slash’s.

6.Spontaneous Jam Sessions

The album’s creation involved spontaneous and organic jam sessions, particularly when Mike Drome joined the project. His first jam with Slash confirmed his place as the drummer for the album. The band’s approach to the music demonstrates their respect for the original blues sound, while also infusing it with his own style, showcasing a balance between homage and innovation.

7.Authentic Feel

Slash aimed to capture the genuine spirit of blues and rock, resulting in an album that he describes as sincere and fun. The project emphasizes live, heartfelt performances, reflecting the raw and unpolished essence of blues music. Some songs, as for example “Oh Well” Slash first heard on the radio when he was around 13 and loved it since.

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