Faster Pussycat’s Danny Nordhal Suffers Arm Injury Exiting Tour Bus

Watch how you exit the bus, sometimes it can be very dangerous!

That’s exactly what happened to Faster Pussycat’s bassist Danny Nordhal on tour in Pittsburgh. As reported by the legendary Metal Sludge, and confirmed on the band’s official social media channels, Danny fell and injured his arm while getting off the bus, which is currently believed to be just an unfortunate accident.

We all remember Danny’s fall on stage in 2014, which was caused by something else, we all know what. For the remainder of the Faster Pussycat tour, bass duties will be handled by Johnny Martin from the band L.A. Guns, who has already been called in to salvage the situation and who is identified as Slime Tender for next four weeks. Read the full story on Metal Sludge, and we wish Danny Nordhal a speedy recovery.

Source: Metal Sludge

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