I Just Want To Talk About – Richie Sambora’s New Songs (Are they AI?)


Since this is a part of the website where I can speak freely about things, hear me out. I was thinking about these new Richie Sambora songs, and there is something that really bothers me, something that is not adding up. I will try to explain what it is, but you all need to know one thing – all this is just speculation; I have no proof for anything, I am just speculating!

Again! Just speculations!

So, in the last two weeks, he released two new songs: ‘I Pray’ and ‘Livin Alone.’ First of all, let’s talk about the release dates. The first song was released on the same date as the release of the new Bon Jovi docuseries, ‘Thank You Goodnight.’ And that’s okay, you know? Fine. Nothing weird about it. Just good marketing. He wanted to pitch something, knowing that people would want to hear Bon Jovi and his music when they watch the series.

Next, let’s talk about the titles of these songs. I mean, is it some cryptic message or what? ‘I Pray’ and ‘Livin Alone’ – ‘Livin On A Prayer’? Obviously. And those letters ‘RS’ and ‘Bon,’ I mean, come on, Richie. But, all this is fine.

Here we come to the crucial part, a part for which I repeat once again that it represents only and exclusively speculation. What about the specific music that Richie has prepared for us in these two songs? Simply put, something doesn’t add up here. It doesn’t match. There’s something strange about the execution of these two songs. It seems as if someone, or something, like an AI, has intervened in their execution. Were these two songs made with the help of AI technology? That’s the question I’m asking myself.

Why did I even think of that? Here are a few reasons. First, before the release of the first song, we couldn’t see anything from Richie himself on social media. Today, bands and musicians like to record themselves making new music in the studio. Richie didn’t do that. It’s not a big deal (he absolutely doesn’t have to do it), but it’s a bit strange. The songs just came from nowhere basically. All of a sudden…

Secondly, regardless of whether it’s singles, an EP, or an LP album, no one releases music within a week in today’s world. Absolutely no one. If a band prepares two or three new singles, they definitely won’t release them in just three weeks. That’s not a good marketing strategy. Especially not if a lot has been invested in these songs and they’re expected to be officially presented. On the contrary, perhaps not much effort, time in the studio, brainstorming ideas, etc., has been invested. Therefore, who knows, maybe some higher power has intervened.

Thirdly, the sound itself is somehow debatable. In conversations with people about the first song, ‘I Pray,’ almost everyone expressed surprise about the guitar sound. It’s not the Richie we’re used to. Something is strange there. The second song, ‘Livin Alone,’ sonically goes from one end to the other. Especially strange is that chord at 1:17, which seems to be cut from the song ‘Mr. Bluesman’ and pasted here. Completely unexpected. Don’t forget those ‘hey hey’ lines that sound like they’ve come from ‘Stranger In This Town. Finally, Richie’s voice itself is too clean, too precise, too robotic. Like the music itself, especially the acoustic guitars. It lacks that richness, that unique feeling of his, there’s no soul… It’s strange.

Then there’s this: We know that Bob Rock produced this. Richie mentioned it when he released the first song. And we know that Bob Rock also produced the new Motley Crue song ‘Dogs Of War,’ which was also accused of being created with the help of AI. Who knows…

In the end, of course, since all of this is speculation, maybe I’m not right at all. Perhaps everything was nicely recorded as it should be and just polished a bit with the help of existing studio technology. Maybe they had these recordings from before and just glued them together for this occasion…

On the other hand, who knows what kind of technology the biggest record labels and music producers have now. If an ordinary YouTube user can make a song where Kurt Cobain sings a Metallica song to perfection, then what can those who have many more resources do? All in all, these are just speculations. Richie Sambora is an incredible musician and I have no doubt that he can pull all this off, just, the way ti it done it’s a bit strange for me. That’s all. I’m interested to hear your opinion?

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