Sebastian Bach – Child Within A Man (2024) Album Rating and Review


Sebastian Bach released “Child Within The Man” on Friday, May 10th, marking his fifth album in his extensive musical career bearing his name on the cover. The last time we had the opportunity to hear a full LP from Baz was in 2014 with the release of “Give ‘Em Hell.”

Regarding Sebastian Bach’s solo music, it’s fair to say the legendary frontman has consistently delivered. After parting ways with the band Skid Row, he chose to pursue a solo career, which in many cases doesn’t end well when someone leaves a big band, but that was not the case with Bach at all. This speaks volumes about the quality of his musical journey post-Skid Row. That level of excellence has endured to this day, exemplified by the album “Child Within The Man”.

As for the album itself, after several listens, it gives the impression of being a very well-crafted release. All 11 songs are masterfully done and with noticeable great experience. Sebastian Bach, unlike many of his peers and colleagues, sounds incomparably better. Can this album be characterized as a new Skid Row album? Of course not, but it can certainly hold its own against the band’s latest release from two years ago. It’s not that important to compare them, but since most of you will do so anyway, let’s cut to the chase – “Child Within The Man” reaches the mentioned level, and perhaps even surpasses it by a hair.

01. Everybody Bleeds – 1 (rocker)
02. Freedom (featuring John 5) – 1
03. (Hold On) To The Dream – 1 (kinda epic song)
04. What Do I Got to Lose? – 1
05. Hard Darkness – 0/5
06. Future of Youth (featuring Orianthi) – 0/5
07. Vendetta – 0/5
08. F.U. (featuring Steve Stevens) – 1 (great deep cut)
09. Crucify Me – 0/5
10. About To Break – 1
11. To Live Again – 0/5

Ratings: 8,5/11

The rating system we used: 1 for the song we like, 0/5 for the “meh” song and 0 for the song we don’t like. How would you rate the album by using the same method? Use it, rate it and write down in the comments!

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