Suicide Bombers Track-by-Track “All For The Candy”– Last Call (Part 10)

SUiCiDE BOMBERS are thrilled to present a track-by-track run-through of our latest record, ALL FOR THE CANDY, here at Junkyard Stories. This 12-part series will present one song every week, written by members of the band.


This was originally written and layed on the table for the Murder Couture album. Beeing a more of a blues and boogie based rock-n-roll style songwriter most of my songs never make it to the SUiCiDE BOMBERS table at all as they simply won’t fit us, so I was thrilled when I came up with this triplets-double bassdrum based song. A Typical 80’s WASP kind of thing. This would be perfect for us, I thought.

Then we tried it in the rehearsal room in several sessions and we simply couldn’t get it off the ground. Not because anyone in the band couldn’t handle it, but it just didn’t work. Couldn’t get the groove going between us. So it was scrapped. I Picked it back up during the corona lockdown when I substituted the canceled Murder Tour dates with a tremendous song writing session during spring and summer of 2020.

It was speeded up and changed to a standard 4 beat drum pattern. The verse, prechorus and chorus was the same, but the intro, the main riff and the solo backing parts were all new. I’d been fiddling around with the main riff trying to write a song based on it for a while when I realized it would work perfectly in the reconstructed Last Call. The drums on the intro were written and programmed heavily inspired by the tom-tom bits on (again) WASP’s Chainsaw Charlie, but Lyle changed them and did his complete own thing there, as he should, and it worked out great.

The 3rd verse is kind of cool here. The vocal melody is more or less the same as the other verses, but the guitars are taken away and the bass plays the main riff on a loop (and the bass doesn’t really play the main riff anywhere else in the song) So you get a completely different backing track, but it’s still recognisable as the same piece as the other verses.

Lyrically the song deals with a toxic relationship. It’s your last call to get out of it with your sanity and dignity still relatively intact. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move on, even if it feels completely selfish. 

Stevie: Just a straight up rocker of a song, with more classic metal feel to it! I took Slim’s original ideas for my guitar parts and just tweaked them a bit, and worked it out so that they would work and fit better in my opinion. But they sound pretty much equal to the original ideas, they just flow better with the song. For the solo I wanted to incorporate some tapping, so I just gunned it and came up with that building melody, and tapped all the notes and ended it with that quick run at the end. It worked out really well and one I’m definitely proud of.

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