Suicide Bombers Track-by-Track “All For The Candy”– Videodrome 2049 (Part 9)

SUiCiDE BOMBERS are thrilled to present a track-by-track run-through of our latest record, ALL FOR THE CANDY, here at Junkyard Stories. This 12-part series will present one song every week, written by members of the band.


Chris: This was the third of the three last songs I finished for the record. I remember there being some discussion about which three we had been working on that we needed to cut to make room for this, Tonight Belongs To Us and Dynamite Playboys, but regardless of which songs people wanted to keep, it was unanimous that these three needed to be on the record.

Again this was one that came quickly. It started with the first line of the first verse as I was sitting with my guitar and singing, and then both verses came instantly. Chords, melody and lyrics. I have a way of writing vocal melodies sometimes that is purposely a little off key. I did it for “No Valentine Cards” from the Doll Hazard record and it just came naturally here too. It shakes up a record a little bit and it’s also very easy to emphasize different words when sung like that. The pre chorus came in the same sitting. Both chords, lyrics and melody for that too and I also think I did the high pitched melody guitarriff for the intro too. That melody is –  like the vocal melody – slightly off. It’s not really off-off, but it comes across like that. I did the guitarlayering for the second part of the verse quickly after that.

The chorus came one of the next days and that was me using a guitar melody I had written for a Trashcan Darlings type song as a vocal melody. I used the old hippie song “In the year 2525” as an idea for the chorus lyrics and changed the year every time, while hinting – not so subtly – at conspiracy theorists. The middle eight was the last part written, as usual. I used a riff I had intended as the main riff for another song as the riff under the guitar solo.

This turned out to be a pretty elaborate song in the end.

I saw this as a cool poppy album track, so was kinda surprised to learn that a few of the guys in the band saw it as a possible single. I doubt it ever will be, but it was a definite seal of approval that they liked it that much. I had originally envisioned Caligulizer as part of our tour set, but all three of them (even Lyle!) wanted to do this instead… at least for the first round. I kinda regret not making a more logical choice with the years in the chorus, as those lyrics are really hard to remember, but I have managed pretty well live regardless hahaha….

Slim: Another favorite of mine from the album. When Chris gave us this, Tonight and Playboys as the last 3 demos for the album telling us at least 2 of them would be singles I figured for sure this was one of them, but apparently he meant the other two, haha. It’s just a catchy vocal melody. That’s the most important thing in a song. Pre-chorus has a nice rhythm break up, mainly on the bass, which is unusual for us.

Stevie: Another banger that Chris came with alongside “Dynamite Playboys” and “Tonight Belongs To Us”. It definitely already had the hit potential with that strong pre-chorus and that insanely catchy chorus! It didn’t end up as a single, but it’s just a really good song and another one that is so much fun to play live! The guitar solo to this, I went with a nice blend of flash and melody as I usually do, but I wanted to sort of pay tribute to the late great Eddie Van Halen, so that run at the end is kind of a trademark EVH lick that I stole pretty early on haha.. It worked great over the rhythm so I’m happy with how it turned out.

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