Skid Row vs Sebastian Bach – Total Album Battle


Well, this was inevitable, that’s for sure! From the day Erik Grönwall announced that he was leaving Skid Row, a real tsunami hit the fans of this band, and one question loomed over all of us: Who will be the next singer of Skid Row? More specifically, will Sebastian Bach finally return to the band where he belongs?

We don’t have the answer to this question, but like all of you, we wonder if it will finally happen. Until then, let’s do an album battle between “The Gang’s All Here” and Sebastian Bach’s new solo album “Child Within The Man,” following the well-established principle used in many podcasts!

We put song against song, in order from both albums, and in each round, we choose the one we like better. The one with the most points in the end wins. The Skid Row album has one less song (10) compared to Bach’s (11), but we’ll see how it all ends up.

It seems that the extra song didn’t help Sebastian, as the Skid Row album narrowly took the win. Overall, it was extremely close. To make the comparison more interesting, we introduced a few more categories to rank the two albums, where “The Gang’s All Here” also achieved a narrow victory. And yes, we all know that Sebastian’s father did this cover for him, but it’s too much and all over the place, while The Gang is more subtle and more effective. It’s more RnR!

And finally, let’s look at these two albums from another perspective, that of a review. We reviewed both albums at the time of their release using the 1-0/0.5-0 scale established on The Rock N Roll Geek podcast, where we give a song we like a 1, a song we don’t like a 0, and songs that are somewhere in between a 0.5.

As can be seen from the results provided, these are two very balanced albums. When it was released two years ago, Skid Row’s album was considered one of the best hard rock releases of that year. The hype was significant, and Erik Grönwall contributed to this with his fantastic performance. The situation has drastically changed now after his departure, and it will be very challenging for whoever succeeds him. It will also be very difficult for the band to replicate such a good album, which was awaited for almost 16 years.

On the other hand, Sebastian Bach also took a long break in his solo career, but it seems that “Child Within The Man” has been very well received by fans so far. The album contains several fantastic tracks and is very cohesive as a whole. The quality and experience are more than present, and Bach has proven that, unlike many of his peers, he is in phenomenal vocal form.

As we said, it will be difficult for anyone to be the new singer of Skid Row, except for him – Sebastian Bach. This is the only logical solution that we all hope for. That’s it. There’s no more time for experiments and trials. Unite and give us the honor of seeing you together once again.

How would you rate these albums? Which one wins in your own battle? Write us back, we wanna hear your results!

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