Hannes Braun: How “Ecstasy” Shaped Kissin’ Dynamite’s Musical Identity

Kissin’ Dynamite frontman Hannes Braun was recently interviewed by Olivier from Sleaze Roxx, where they mostly talked about the band’s brand new album, eighth in their respective discography, titled “Back With A Bang,” which came out the previous Friday.

When asked about how and when Kissin’ Dynamite actually found their trademark sound, Hannes explained that it was basically back in 2018 when the album “Ecstasy” was released:

“I would say so. I would perfectly agree. Like since ‘Ecstasy‘, our 2018 album, was basically the key album that led us into the sound where we felt, ‘OK, this is Kissin’ Dynamite’ and we don’t move any further into any direction for some time. I mean, changing your style in the long run is perfectly natural. You grow as a person so why wouldn’t you grow as a musician too? But this is the record where we felt, ‘OK, this is the purest form of Kissin’ Dynamite. We want to stick to that.’ So, ‘Not The End of The Road’ was the perfect follow up to ‘Ecstasy’ and in my opinion, ‘Back With A Bang’ is the perfect follow up to those two albums actually. So we didn’t want to invent the wheel again but stick to what is the trademark for Kissin’ Dynamite and of course, not being lazy. This new record, ‘Back With A Bang’, we always experiment a little here, and a little there, and that makes it interesting as a musician of course.”

You can read the full interview with Hennes Braun on Sleaze Roxx website.

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Listen to the album “Back With The Bang” here

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