Riki Rachtman on the Iconic Feuds of the Cathouse: Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, and Poison

Famous MTV Headbangers Ball host and Cathouse club owner Riki Rachtman was recently interviewed by Gerry Gittelson for the legendary Metal Sludge. Right now, Riki is on tour for his own ‘One Foot In The Gutter’ spoken-word tour, which will have its last show on July 22nd in Las Vegas.

Among many other interesting questions about both the past and the present, Riki was asked if he was a part of some dramatic and well-known rock ‘n’ roll rivalries from the Cathouse era. Riki indicated:

“I think the best was Guns N’ Roses versus Motley Crue. It all stemmed from an event at the Cathouse. I was friends with Nikki Sixx at the time. But everybody knows I was part of the GnR camp and that Cathouse was pretty much their club. In the early days it was GnR versus Poison. I really didn’t like C.C DeVille at all. He was this loud-mouth drug addict. I remember really not liking him. I ran into him about 15 years ago. I hold grudges and thought it might even come to blows, which would have been hilarious. C.C. could not have been cooler. He looked great and was sober. He is all right in my book, and when I look back, the hostility I felt seems very petty. It makes me happy now to see Poison’s success.”

You can read the full interview on Metal Sludge website.

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