CRASHDIET: A Timeline of Their Iconic Career

Swedish rockers Crashdiet were one of the first bands to restart the whole sleaze glam metal scene back at the beginning of the 2000s. They were the ultimate voice for all the “kids from the underground” who loved their old ’80s and early ’90s heroes but wanted something new, something fresh, something of their own. They wanted their own Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses, and Crashdiet was the perfect group to give them that.

More than 20 years later, with six albums in their discography and five singers changed, it hasn’t been easy for these guys, but they are still out there rocking and having a great time. They proved that nothing can stop and discourage them, not even the suicide of their talented and beloved frontman. They are one of the best bands in the genre, period.

Here’s a timeline of Crashdïet’s history

2000: Crashdïet is formed in Stockholm, Sweden, inspired by glam metal and sleaze rock bands like Skid Row, Guns N’ Roses, and KISS

2000 – 2002: The band builds a cult following with demo releases and live performances.

2002: The original lineup disbands, with members joining other projects such are Repugnant and SubVision.

2003: Dave Lepard, the band’s frontman and lead singer, reforms the band with Martin Sweet, Peter London, and Eric Young. The band releases their first self-titled EP.

2004: The band signs with Universal Records, becoming the first sleaze rock act to sign directly with a major label in over a decade

2005: Debut album “Rest in Sleaze” is released, debuting at No. 12 on the Swedish album chart. The band tours Sweden and plays at Download Festival in the UK. Most notable songs are: “Riot In Everyone”, “Breakin’ The Chainz”, “Knokk ‘Em Down”, “Queen Obscene”and “It’s a Miracle”. The album received positive reviews and is often regarded as one of the best glam/sleaze rock albums of the 2000s. Many fans consider it the essential Crashdïet album to own, basically the “Appetite For Destruction” of it’s time. The album’s raw energy, catchy hooks, and authentic approach to the glam metal style have made “Rest in Sleaze” a standout release in Crashdïet’s discography and a touchstone for the sleaze rock revival of the 2000s.

January 20, 2006: Vocalist Dave Lepard commits suicide at age 25 after a bout of depression during which he hid from family and friends. “Rest in Sleaze” is the only full-length album featuring him as the original vocalist.

April 2, 2006: After initially disbanding, the remaining members Martin Sweet, Peter London and Eric Young decide to continue Crashdïet with support from Lepard’s family and fans.

December 2006: New singer Olliver Twisted from the Finnish band Reckless Love joins the band.

2007: Second album “The Unattractive Revolution” is released reaching No. 11 on the Swedish charts. most notable songs are: “In The Raw”, “Falling Rain”, “XTC Overdrive”. The songs “I Don’t Care” and “Alone” features Mick Mars from Motley Crue on guitar.

2008: After only one tour Olliver Twisted leaves Crashdiet to focus more on his own band Reckless Love. Up to 2022 they will release total of five full length albums.

2009: Simon Cruz becomes the new lead vocalist. When Crashdïet auditioned people to replace their original lead singer Dave Lepard after his death in January 2006, Cruz was their top choice. Cruz, however, decided to continue with his band Jailbait, causing Crashdïet to go with H. Olliver Twisted as their new lead singer. He made his debut performance with the band in October 2009 at the Sweden Rock Cruise.

2010: Third album “Generation Wild” is released, debuting at No. 3 on the Swedish Album Chart. Most notable songs from this record, which is considered the second best next to Rest In Sleaze (or the best according to part of the fandom), are “Down With The Dus”t, “Chemical” and “Generation Wild” which video was banned from MTV due to obscene images. The album’s sound has been described as energetic and reminiscent of classic glam metal bands. One review referred to it as “THEE party album for everybody who gets their kicks from glam classics like Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Poison, Bang Tango, Warrant, Dangerous Toys and others

2013: Fourth album “The Savage Playground” is released, reaching No. 2 on the Swedish Album Chart. It is the second album to feature Simon Cruz as the band’s lead singer. It is the first Crashdiet album to feature the same lead singer as its predecessor. Most notable songs are “Cocaine Cowboys”, “California”, “Sin City” and “Change The World”.

2015: Simon Cruz left the band in the middle of their 2015 Japan tour. After leaving the band Cruz started working  with his ex-girlfriend Tåve Wanning (Peaches, Adrenaline Rush) on a common music project called Savage Animal. Shortly after he totally disappeared from music scene.

2017: Gabriel Keyes was announced as the new lead singer of the band.

2019: Fifth album “Rust” is released with Gabriel Keyes on vocals via Frontiers records. Most notable songs from this release are “Reptile”, “In The Maze”, “We Are The Legion” and “Idiots”. “Rust” received positive reviews for its energetic and raw sound, staying true to the band’s sleaze rock roots while incorporating modern elements. The album’s themes revolve around resilience, rebellion, and the band’s journey through adversity.

2022: Sixth album “Automaton” is released with Gabriel Keyes on vocals.  The album showcases the band’s continued commitment to the glam and sleaze rock genre they’ve been known for throughout their career. A little bit on the heavier side than the previous releases, “Automaton” features 11 tracks, including songs like “Together Whatever,” “Shine On,” “No Man’s Land,” “Darker Minds,” and “Dead Crusade”. The legendary Michael Starr from Steel Panther is featured on the song “Powerline”.

2023: In February 2023, bassist Peter London announced to take a break from live duties, due to a burnout.

2024: In February 2024 Crashdiet announced that Gabriel Keyes left the band.

2024: John Elliot from the sleaze rock band Confess joins as the new lead vocalist, making his debut with the band in Anchor Pub in Stockholm and on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Bassist Peter London also returns to the band after a short pause, and new drummer Michael Sweet, brother of the guitarist Martin Sweet and drummer of the sleaze rock horror band Toxic Rose joins as the permanent member.

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