Bergen Rockers Baby Heartless Take Fans To Outer Space With New Single “Orbit”


Bergen rockers Baby Heartless released a brand new single this Friday titled “Orbit” and officially announced their first ever album that will be released this year.

In recent years, Baby Heartless has been putting out singles that achieved moderate success, mostly on national radio stations in Norway, with songs like “Can’t Deny” and “Hey Girl”. In 2019, they won the Norwegian Wacken Metal battle and played at the legendary festival in Germany that year. During the pandemic, like many other artists in Norway, Baby Heartless lay low a bit, mostly making new songs that will be released on the upcoming album.

They have been recognized as an energetic modern hard rock band with a slight ’80s glam metal influence. The new song “Orbit” surely has that ’80s feel, but it is obvious that the band is not afraid to add a wider mix of flavors into their music. At the moments you can even hear progressive tunes mixed with a unique and catchy pop vibe that sets Baby Heartless apart from other ’80s-influenced contemporaries.

A trip to outer space has begun with style. We will follow how it develops, as the band announced on their Facebook page: “We’re looking forward to eventually showing more of what we’ve been doing in the studio. There’s a lot of variety in styles in this album, so if this song isn’t a match, there’s still hope later, haha.”

Baby Heartless consists of Petter Bertelsen (vocals), Jørgen Skaftun (guitars), Jørgen Beijer Johnsen (bass), and Toni Skjerven (drums). It is worth mentioning that Baby Heartless were a five-piece band, but guitarist Thommas Schønberg left the band earlier this year. However, his musical input is present in the songs from upcomiing album including the new single Orbit.

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