Budderside released a brand new song as a theme for The Power Hour show


LA rockers Budderside have just released a brand new song called Power Hour which is available on all streaming platforms. It is actually a theme song that they wrote for The Power House Show that is airing on AXS TV. The song was originally intended exclusively for the opening credits of this show, but the guys from the group Budderside decided to officially release it nonetheless.

This is the first new song after the previous one they released under the name Joker, which will be included on the band’s announced third album, and which pays tribute to vocalist Patrick Stone’s late father, Charles E. Stone, who passed away in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Speaking of The Power Hour Show that is airing on ASX TV, it is a brand new rock and metal music show that breaks down the biggest news and latest videos in the genre. The show is hosted by some of the well known faces from rock: Matt Pinfield (MTV, VH1, KLOS-FM), Caity Babs (Sirius XM’s Octane) and Josh Bernstein (Revolver Golden Gods, Loudwire).

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