Check out the brand new Razorbats album “Hit Crazy”


Razorbats have released the brand new album “Hit Crazy” this March 3rd and so far it is their fourth release. They are coming from Oslo and over the years they have established themselves as one of the most promising Scandinavian new wave of classic rock bands. Before “Hit Crazy” they released following albums: Camp Rock (2015), II (2018) and Mainline Rock N Roll (2021).

Despite being categorized as a new wave of classic rock band, Razorbats are definitely something more than just that. In their music they combine elements of 80’s glam metal with pop rock of the 90’s, and all of that is ultimately infused with a unique Scandinavian sound that incorporates influences from giants like Turbonegro or The Hellacopters.

The new album brings exactly that, with a certain degree of seriousness and experience that the guys from Razorbats have accumulated over the years, playing not only in clubs but also on shows with bands like The Offspring, Danko Jones, The Wildhearts, and others.

On the ten songs that are on the album, we get all the necessary ingredients for a good rock record. Electrifying riffs, fist-pumping anthems, plenty of memorable and singable melodies. There’s also an irresistible Sunset Strip sleaze as one of the most important components. But don’t think for a moment that this is some old-fashioned sounding band. Thanks to the production and attitude, it is quite clear that this is a modern rock band that uses the best things from the rich history of this music genre and combine with their own unique vibe.

However, since this is not a proper album review but rather a kind of introduction to the band Razorbats for our readers and follower, we suggest that you listen to the album yourself on your favorite platform and be sure to follow these guys.

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The band:

Paul E. Vercouteren – vocals
Kjetil F. Wevling – guitar
Asle Tunglen – guitar
Martin Karsgaard Hervig – bass
Christian Hapnes Svendsen – drums

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