Norwegian rockers Shining Break Boundaries with ‘Us Against The World


Norwegian rock band Shining recently released their electrifying single, “Us Against The World.” The track captures the band’s rebellious spirit and refusal to dwell on the past. Known for their hits like “Blackjazz Rebels,” “IDGAF,” and “KMA (Kiss My Ass),” Shining has never shied away from challenging the norm.

“Us Against The World” is a powerful and dynamic song that showcases the band’s unique sound and embodies their fight against the rest of the world. With its captivating riffs and adrenaline-fueled energy, the track inspires listeners to embrace their individuality and stand up against societal pressures.

Shining’s fearless approach to music and commitment to artistic integrity have earned them a dedicated following. If you are into something new, genre-bending, and against all musical norms, then these Oslo rockers are definitely for you.

Shining were active from 1999 when they started as jazz acoustic band and up until today they released eight albums.

Shining are:

Jørgen Munkeby: Vocals, guitars, bass, saxophone, synths, programming
Ole Vistnes: Background vocals, guitars, bass, synths, programming
Simen Sandnes: Drums
Stig Espen Hundsnes: Trumpet

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