Eclipse Announces Explosive New Album ‘Megalomanium’ and Drops Single ‘The Hardest Part Is Losing You’


Swedish rockers Eclipse have sent waves of excitement through the music scene with the announcement of their upcoming album,”Megalomanium,” set to release on September 1. This is going to be the tenth release in their respective discography.

Accompanying this exciting news is the unveiling of their latest single and music video, “The Hardest Part Is Losing You.” The band’s signature blend of powerful rock anthems and heartfelt ballads is expected to captivate fans and solidify their position as one of rock’s most electrifying acts.

Eclipse was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1999 by singer Erik Mortenson. As one of the biggest bands under the Frontiers Music label, Eclipse garnered several prestigious awards last year. They were the No.1 Most Streamed Frontiers Artist for 2022. Their albums “Paradigm” (2019) and “Wired” (2021) were the No.1 and No.2 Most Streamed Frontiers albums of 2022, respectively, and their song “Viva La Victoria” was The Most Streamed Frontiers Song of 2022.

Megalomanium tracklisting

1. The Hardest Part Is Losing You
2. Got It!
3. Anthem
4. Children Of The Night
5. Hearts Collide
6. I Don’t Get It
7. The Broken
8. So Long,Farewell, Goodbye
9. High Road
10. One Step Closer To You
11. Forgiven


Erik Martensson – Vocals
Magnus Henriksson – Guitars
Philip Crusner – Drums
Victor Crusner – Bass

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