It’s Official – Josh Freeze Is The New Foo Fighters Drummer


It’s official: Josh Freeze is the new drummer of the Foo Fighters. The information we had, which was essentially the rumor that had been circulating for some time, turned out to be correct. As we previously mentioned, the band performed a live stream concert on Sunday, the 21st, during which they officially announced the exciting news. You can watch the video below to see how they made the announcement.

Many people were doubtful that Foo Fighters would continue as a band following Taylor Hawkins’s death. However, we strongly disagreed with that sentiment. Why would they cease being Foo Fighters? Please don’t misunderstand us; Taylor’s death was an immense loss not only for the band but also for the entire rock world. Nevertheless, we have witnessed numerous examples of bands persevering after the passing of their members. We have even seen bands carry on without any original members. The Pandora’s box of bands continuing without key members had already been opened wide, so the Foo Fighters’ decision to continue was not unexpected at all.

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