Tom Keifer’s #keiferband Unveils Haunting New Video for “Untitled” Ahead of Rise+


Tom Keifer and his #keiferband have released a video for the song “Untitled” from their 2019 album, “RISE.” The release of the video comes ahead of their upcoming album, “Rise+,” which will be a special edition album featuring vinyl and is set to be available on July 7th.

Tom Keifer’s #keiferband has been making waves in the hard rock scene since 2013, carrying on the torch of Cinderella, Tom’s primary band with whom he became famous. Not only does he constantly play songs from the Cinderella catalogue live, which he wrote, but he has also produced high-quality new music on the two albums released with his solo band.

“Untitled” is a cautionary tale of evil and deception, with lyrics that scream of the consequences that follow. Written by Tom Keifer and Savannah Keifer, the song is a dark and heavy jam that’s sure to leave an impression on listeners.The accompanying video, produced and edited by Joshua Smith, is stylized in the black, white, and red colors of the RISE+ album art and illustrations.

You can pre-order Rise+ here

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