Shiraz Lane Frontman Hennes Kett Reveals Band Has Started Working on a New Album


Shiraz Lane frontman Hennes Kett was recently interviewed by Jason Green from Wate Some Time With Jason Green podcast. Among many other things he confirmed that the band started working on the songs for the new Shiraz Lane album, which would be the fourth release in their carrer. He also talked about the new rehearsal space that the band acquired and the importance of creating musical or non-musical content for fans in this day and age.

The two met at this year’s Monsters Of Rock Cruise, where this young Finnish band delivered a notable performance. It’s nice to see younger rock acts from Europe being guests on renowned podcasts like this one. There’s nothing against interviewing musicians from well-known and established bands, but it’s of the greatest importance to hear the voice of the young generation of rockers. This is also a good way for fans to learn about this new bands. Great job, Jason!

You can listen to the whole episode down below and subscribe to Waste Some Time With Jason Green podcast.

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Shiraz Lane were formed in Vantaa, Finland in 2011. So far they released three full lengt albums and one EP:

For Crying Out Loud (2016), Carnival Days (2018), Vibration I EP (2020) and Forgotten Shades of Life (2022).

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If you are new to Shiraz Lane, here are some songs that we recommend you to start with.

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2 thoughts on “Shiraz Lane Frontman Hennes Kett Reveals Band Has Started Working on a New Album

  1. Hi Jason!
    I also saw Shiraz Lane for the first time at the same MOR midnight pool side gig you did. I had met Hannes the night before, when he asked “come check out our band.” I said of course.

    Dude – like you – my jaw dropped and remained agape through their whole show. I was sunned from start to finish! One of the best bands I’ve seen in my life (and I’ve been going to concerts since 1974, when I was 14 years old)! All the things you mentioned – the hooks, the rifs, the melodies, lyrics and, of course – superior musicianship and presentation from all 5 guys. Wow! I was blown away from start to finish. Also like you, I wondered how have I never heard of these guys? Immediately after I hooked up with some friends from Scotland and asked “Did you see that?” They were also in shock with unexpected delight, with one remarking “They’re the best band on the boat!”

    Thank you for this awesome interview. Your conversation filled in a lot of gaps for questions I’ve had regarding future tours, etc. Looking forward to seeing more of your podcasts going forward. Thanks much!


    1. Thanks you for the comment. Yes, I am also amazed how so many people haven’t heard bands like Shiraz Lane, Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar and many others from that genre. Maybe cause they are not from USA, or maybe cause they weren’t present back in the heyday (cause they are the new (newer) generation of sleaze glam bands). But the fact is that most of them are now in their prime and their music and performances are arguably much superior than the “older” bands. So yeah, I am glad you liked them!

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