Slash Not Suited for Rihanna But a Perfect Match for Demi Lovato?


Let’s talk about some Slash allright!

Can Slash play with Rihanna or not?

Here are some news regarding the legendary top-headed guitarist. First of all, there is a question: Can Slash play with Rihanna? The question was raised by no other than Nuno Bettencourt, who recently gave an interview speaking of how difficult it is to play with the pop star as he was doing that as her guitarist for years. He said that most guitarists could not in their lifetime play with Rihanna, including the GnR legend. We really don’t know where this came from and why Nuno is pointing out Slash, but the response about this came quickly when Slash’s bandmate Richard Fortus chimed in with a post on his Instagram account, stating:

“I have to respectfully disagree @nunobettencourtofficial is one of the greats, for sure. However, there is very little @slash couldn’t do on guitar (if he wanted to). I toured with Rihanna prior to Nuno and I’ve spent a lot of time playing with Slash. The gig wouldn’t be a struggle from him.”

Without further context, it’s hard to determine the exact nature of Nuno’s statement or the reasoning behind it. Nevertheless, it’s evident that the discussion has stirred interest among music enthusiasts and fans alike. Anyway, if you ask us, we totally agree with Richard Fortus on this one.

Blues oriented album and Demi Lovato

Maybe Slash cannot play with Rihanna, according to Nuno, but he certainly can with Demi Lovato. He was a guest on one of her songs titled ‘Sorry Not Sorry.’ According to Slash, when Guns N’ Roses were in Norway this summer, he had a day off, so he found a good studio and worked on Demi’s song from there. Actually, the collaboration between the two started when Slash first invited Demi to be a guest on his next solo record, which is going to be more blues-oriented than before. Basically, it will be something similar to the first SLASH record from 2010, an album with a bunch of different singers, only more bluesy this time. Demi Lovato is the first guest, as Slash didn’t want to reveal more details about it. It is known that the album is going to be available in 2024.

About his friendship with Demi Lovato Slash explained in an interview for Yahoo:

“She and I know each other because we’re both… we’ve been through that,” says Slash. “We were introduced a long time ago and we had that relate to — we were both struggling addicts and all that. … I’d been sober for a little while and she was still struggling a little bit, having just gone through a relapse. And then I talked to her just post-that, and she was sort of trying to get it back together and whatnot. That’s how we initially started sort of talking, and she’s just really cool and she’s a really intelligent and talented girl. And so, we’ve just been friends ever since then.”

You can read the whole interview here.

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