Norwegian Rockers Baby Heartless Paint Life’s Spectrum With New Single “Colorful”


Norwegian rockers Baby Heartless released a brand new single this past Friday, the 6th, titled ‘Colorful.’ This is their second new single from the announced debut album release. Earlier this year, the Bergen quartet released the song ‘Orbit.’

The album is set to be released with the help of The Norwegian Sound, a music promotion company.

About what is the story behind the new song, the band stated following:

“The lyrics of the song is about getting the feeling of coming «alive» again after being down for a long period of time. To slowly, but surely begin to appreciate life again and feel gratitude for the small moments in everyday life. An euphoric feeling that we thought deserved some lyrics dedicated to it. Ref starts with «Was it always this colorful?, Is this how it feels to be alive?», this testifies that one has finally «awakened» again after having lived in an unfavorable way for a long time or had a narrow perspective on the value of life. “

“The music supports the lyrics with its playful and light sound. It is a dynamic song that reaches its climax at the end. This is where you truly realize this, and you’re definitely not going back to your old state of mind from now on.”

Baby Heartless consists of Petter Bertelsen (vocals), Jørgen Skaftun (guitars), Jørgen Beijer Johnsen (bass), and Toni Skjerven (drums).

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