7 Things You Didn’t Know About Crazy Lixx’s New Compilation

Released back in February 16, the Swedish rockers, Crazy Lixx, graced the music scene with their unique compilation, “Two Shots at Glory”. This is no ordinary greatest hits collection compiled by a music label, but a retrospective journey through the band’s evolution. Let’s dive into the seven fascinating facts about this compilation.

1. Band Collaboration

The album stands as an epitome of collaboration between current and past band members, manifesting the transformation of their music over the years. Intriguingly, former members Andreas Eriksson and Christian Edvardsson were called back to re-record missing solo parts from the original tracks. On the other hand, the guitar solos of Robert Ahrling bring an extra dimension to the album, particularly on the track “Sympathy.”

2. Preservation of Old Recordings

The band’s capacity to re-explore and refine tracks, dating as far back as 2009, can be attributed to Chris Laney’s foresight. He diligently preserved these recordings on an external hard drive. Numerous songs on the album incorporate original recordings from Crazy Lixx’s earlier albums, imbuing the music with a nostalgic charm for their dedicated fanbase.

3. Enhanced Gang Vocals

The album brings a renewed energy with its gang vocals and harmonies contributed by a diverse group of backing vocalists. Names familiar to the fans of this kind of music such as Swan Hellion of the band Blackrain and Nip Tyger Turner from White Tyger add a unique depth to the songs.

4. A Mixtape of Deep Cuts

The album is a curated mix of songs, mostly labeled as deep-cuts by fans, from various Crazy Lixx releases, including five songs from Riot Avenue (2012) and two from their self-titled album (2014). However, it notably excludes tracks from their latest three releases – Street Lethal (2021), Forever Wild (2019), and Ruff Justice (2017). There are no tracks from the Loud Minority (2007) either. The track “Lights Out” comes from the re-issued version of 2010’s New Religion album.

5. A Fusion of Old and New

While the album primarily comprises tracks from older Crazy Lixx albums, it also introduces three brand new songs: “Two Shots at Glory”, “Invincible” and “Sword and Stone”. These additions harmonize effortlessly with the re-recorded classics, delivering a balance of familiarity and freshness to listeners. A smart move indeed, enhancing the compilation’s appeal to fans even further.

6. Iconic Cover

The album houses a cover of “Sword and Stone,” a track originally written by Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, and Desmond Child for the album “Crazy Nights” by KISS. This song was later recorded by Bonfire in 1989, but didn’t make it to Bonfire’s third album Point Black. It eventually found its place in Wes Craven’s movie “Shocker” the same year. 35 years later this track is back to life again – thanks to Crazy Lixx!

7. Expert Mastering

Erik Martensson, from the Swedish melodic rock powerhouse Eclipse, mastered this compilation. His expertise ensures a polished and cohesive sound throughout the album, enhancing the overall auditory experience for fans. The whole project was backed by the Frontiers Records label, as per usual, when it comes to Crazy Lixx.

Our take on “Two Shots at Glory”

Overall, this was a very smart move that Crazy Lixx made. Two new songs, one cover, plus reimagined older tracks that were not necessarily their greatest hits give old die-hard fans a chance to enjoy their favorite band from another aspect. At the same time, it gives casual fans an opportunity to delve deeper into the band’s discography and perhaps discover some overlooked songs from over the years. Because of that fact this album can be also described as the solid standalone release.

Crazy Lixx proves with this compilation that they are one of the best bands in this genre once again. The music and their performances are flawless as always, and there is certainly more to come in the future!

We don’t rate the compilations in our usual way, but anyway the rating would have been high regardless.

You can grab your copy of this fantastic “Tow Shots at Glory” compilation here.

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01. Two Shots At Glory
02. Fire It Up (’23)
03. Invincible
04. Lights Out! (’23)
05. Sword And Stone
06. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (’23)
07. Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll (’23)
08. In The Night (’23)
09. Only The Dead Know (’23)
10. Sympathy (’23)
11. Church Of Rock (’23)

Band Members:
Danny Rexon – vocals
Joél Cirera – drums
Jens Anderson – bass guitar
Chrisse Olsson – guitar
Jens Lundgren – guitar

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