7 Things You Didn’t Know About Judas Priest’s New Album

Judas Priest has released their highly anticipated new album, Invincible Shield, which has swept through the metal world like a hurricane. Are they truly as invincible as the title suggests, and what secrets does this new release hold? We are going to find out in this unique “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Judas Priest’s New Album.” So, let’s dive in.

1.Historical Milestone

Invincible Shield marks a historical milestone for Judas Priest, making them the first heavy metal band to release studio albums spanning a staggering 50-year period. This achievement solidifies their status as one of heavy metal’s most enduring and influential acts. From 1974 clunky Rocka Rolla to mighty Invincible Shield, British legends released total of 19 albums.

2.Personal Statements And Themes

Delving deeper into the album’s lyrical content, Halford revealed that Invincible Shield contained more personal statements than any of their previous works. He also mentioned the emotional depth of the album, suggesting that it reflects his own personal journey as an “old Metalhead. This introspective approach hinted at a newfound depth in the band’s songwriting. Thematically, Invincible Shield explore concepts of invincibility and resilience, as exemplified by tracks like “Panic Attack” and “Serpent and the King.” These songs, and many others, set the tone for an album that delved into the complexities of human strength and fortitude.

3.Album Artwork – The Shield

According to legends spreading among fans, the shield serves as a visual representation of the album’s main themes of overcoming obstacles and emerging stronger, resonating with the band’s message of confronting difficulties head-on and standing firm in the midst of trials. This symbol of protection and fortitude encapsulates the essence of Invincible Shield and reinforces the album’s themes of delving into the complexities of human strength and fortitude. Rob Halford also pointed out the importance of visual representation in Judas Priest’s music, referencing the album cover designed by Mark Wilkinson.

4.Writing Process

The writing process for Invincible Shield typically involves the band members coming together to brainstorm and formulate song ideas. Only this time due to pandemic, the album was done in a prolonged period of time at different places around the world. Guitarist Richie Faulkner played a significant role in shaping the musical direction, while Rob Halford contributed lyrics and melodies. Also, Andy Sneap, known for his work as a producer and touring guitarist of the band, played a crucial role in the album’s production.

5.Glenn Tipton’s Contribution

Despite his health challenges, Glenn Tipton remains actively involved in the band’s creative process. He continues to contribute ideas, including riffs and chord sequences, which are then incorporated into the album by Richie Faulkner. Legendary guitarist wrote songs like “Sons Of Thunder” and “Escape From The Reality” and played solos on both “Sons of Thunder” and “Vicious Circle. ” 

6.Bob Halligan Jr. Collaboration

Rob Halford revealed the band’s collaboration with songwriter Bob Halligan Jr., praising his contributions to last track on the album “The Lodger”. Halligan’s creative input added depth and nuance to the album’s lyrical content. Bob wrote other songs from Judas Priest’s catalog, most notably “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll” from 1984 Defenders of The Faith and “(Take These) Chains” from 1982 Screaming for Vengeance.

7.The Musical Elements

The album showcases a blend of classic Judas Priest elements with a modern twist, drawing parallels to their iconic 80s records like Screaming for Vengeance and Defenders of the Faith along with later works such is 1990 Painkiller. The first single, “Panic Attack,” features synth elements reminiscent of the band’s 1986 album Turbo, adding a bit more of that 80s nostalgia to it. The album is also praised for its intense guitar solos mostly executed by Richie Faulkner, showcasing his mastery and virtuosity which should certainly give him the well-deserved status of legendary guitarist of Judas Priest. On he other hand, Rob Halford’s vocal prowess shines on almost every track on this release where he fearlessly explores his upper vocal range even at over 70 years old demonstrating his indestructibility.

Our take on the album

Let’s be honest and go straight to the point. This album (total of 14 songs) is so well done that it puts to shame many of its competitors and peers. Sonically, it is so good that all those modern heavy metal bands that sound overproduced and generic should go to their producers and tell them: “This is how we want to sound on our next release” while holding a copy of Invincible Shield in their hands (or on the screen of their phones whatever). Otherwise, it will be too late. On the other hand, this album puts to shame all fellow big metal bands and their latest releases. It outshines both the boring Senjutsu and the uninspired 72 Seasons. Fifty years after its initial release, Judas Priest has shown the world how heavy metal should be done!

Key songs: Gates Of Hell, Panic Attack, Invincible Shield, Trial By Fire

Ratings: 12/14

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