Kissin’ Dynamite “Raise Your Glass” – New Song and Album Announcement

German hard rockers Kissin’ Dynamite are back, and they’re “back with a bang.” That’s exactly the title of their 10th album, the successor to the 2022 release “Not The End Of The Road,” which has been announced and is expected to be available on July 5th of this year. And the first single from “Back With A Bang” is “Raise Your Glass,” accompanied by a video.

Back With A Bang tracklisting:

“Back With A Bang”
“My Monster”
“Raise Your Glass”
“Queen Of The Night”
“The Devil Is A Woman”
“The Best Is Yet To Come”
“I Do It My Way”
“More Is More”
“Learn To Fly”
“When The Lights Go Out”
“Not A Wise Man”

Kissin’ Dynamite is a German hard rock/heavy metal band originating from Burladingen and Münsingen. The band started as a school group and signed with Capitol Records / EMI in 2007, releasing their debut album “Steel of Swabia” in 2008. They have since produced several albums, including “Addicted to Metal,” “Megalomania,” “Generation Goodbye,” “Ecstasy,” and their latest release in 2022, “Not the End of the Road.” The band’s name was inspired by an AC/DC song. The current members include Hannes Braun (vocals), Ande Braun and Jim Müller (guitarists), Steffen Haile (bassist), and Sebastian Berg (drummer).

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