Junkky’s Blog: “Sincerity On The Sunset Strip” – Movie To Watch


So I stumbled upon a video while I was searching through YouTube with the title ‘Sincerity On The Sunset Strip’. It is a short, only 37-minute movie about some Sunset Strip bands made by Ryan Janek Wolowski.

It features a lot of different bands from Hollywood, and when I say different, I mean there are several genres included. The bands featured in the movie are:

  • Guttersluts
  • Rebel Rebel
  • The Mistakes
  • Willow Wisp
  • Kommunity FK
  • Spiders and Snakes

So from glam (Guttersluts) to punk (Rebel Rebel, The Mistakes) to goth (Willow Wisp) and all along the 80s death rock/new wave, in the case of Kommunity FK. Spiders and Snakes was a hard rock band that Lizzie Grey from London played with.

The shots are taken in some very famous places like Troubadour, Coconut Teazser, Retail Slut, and more. Although the quality of the video is very poor, it is worth a watch if you are into a bit more obscure bands from the Hollywood scene.

The movie is rare and unusual but it really captures the variety and depth of Hollywood music.

There is also a Traci Michaelz cameo in the movie. He was the drummer of Peppermint Creeps, Heart Throb Mob, Glamvestite Vampires, and many more bands from that scene. He passed away in 2008.

I tried to find more info about this movie on the internet, but I didn’t have luck finding it. As I said, it is pretty obscure. I only know it was filmed in 1998 and released in 1999. So it covers the bands from the scene in a very late stage. Yeah, Hollywood music scene existed in the 90s despite that many people think it died with the birth of grunge in 1991. But that’s the theme for another story.

The movie also features music from various Hollywood bands like Pretty Boy Floyd, Mother Mercy, Astro Vamps, Revlon Red and Sativa Luvbox.

So it is my recommendation for you all and if you you some more info about it, write it down in the comments section!

P.S. I really like the song from Pretty Boy Floyd that goes along the credits at the end!


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