Chez Kane Joins Forces with Crazy Lixx’s Danny Rexon on New Single “Don’t Cry Wolf”

British rock singer Chez Kane released a brand new single called “Don’t Cry Wolf” as a duet with Crazy Lixx frontman Danny Rexon.

The new single, “Don’t Cry Wolf”, showcases Chez Kane’s signature melodic rock sound, complemented by Danny Rexon’s dynamic vocals. This release follows Chez Kane’s successful album journey, which includes her debut album “Chez Kane” in 2021 and her sophomore effort “Powerzone” in 2022.

This is not the first time that this duo collaborated since Danny Rexon was heavily involved as a producer and songwriter on Chez Kane’s second album “Powerzone”. He also appeared in a several videos from that release as a guitarist and even a saxophone player.

Chez Kane was inspired to collaborate with Danny Rexon, the frontman of the Swedish glam metal band Crazy Lixx, due to her admiration for his talent and a desire to sing with him. This is evident from her own words on Twitter, where she stated, “…inspiration & that I wanted to sing with him one day…” Their collaboration ultimately resulted in the powerful duet “Don’t Cry Wolf”, showcasing their dynamic vocal chemistry.

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