Skid Row Celebrates Erik Grönwall Era with New Live Album

Skid Row is releasing a live album called “Live In London” on September 20th this year. It is a really interesting move, since the band parted ways with singer Erik Grönwall, who was fronting the band at the O2 Forum Kentish Town in London on October 24, 2022. Whoever the next singer may be, this live album will surely cement this era of the band—an era that, for many, ended perhaps a little too soon.

01. Intro
02. Slave To The Grind
03. The Threat
04. Big Guns
05. 18 and Life
06. Piece of Me
07. Livin On A Chain Gang
08. Psycho Therapy
09. In A Darkened Room
10. Makin A Mess
11. Gangs All Here
12. Riot Act
13. Tear It Down
14. Monkey Business
15. I Remember You
16. Time Bomb
17. Youth Gone Wild

Welcome to the Skid Row live album 35 years in the making! On October 24th, 2022 Skid Row took to the stage at 02 Forum Kentish Town and bottled lightening with “Skid Row – Live in London,” their first official live album and concert film that captures unforgettable, definitive performances of their timeless classics including “18 and Life”, “Monkey Business” and “I Remember You” as well as new fan favorites like “Time Bomb” and “Tear It Down” from their recent album The Gang’s All Here. “

London has always been a home away from home for us. We are very excited to finally capture a live show on video for the rest of the world to see.” – Rachel Bolan “After the release of “The Gangs All Here” album we realized that something special was happening. This record perfectly captures that moment in time. Thank you, London! You always deliver!! Onward and upward.” – sNAKE

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