Watch Slash Rocks Amoeba Hollywood with Acoustic Set for New Album Launch

Slash, the legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist, played a special acoustic set at Amoeba Hollywood on May 29 to celebrate his new solo album, “Orgy Of The Damned.” Joined by Tash Neal, a talented blues singer and guitarist, they performed live for a thrilled audience, along with the old-time blues partner and former GnR member Teddy Zig Zag. Fans captured the memorable event on video, showcasing the incredible music and unique atmosphere of the evening. Slash’s visit to Amoeba Hollywood was a highlight for music lovers, blending his iconic rock style with an intimate acoustic performance.

The set was mostly comprised of songs from his newest blues record, “Orgy Of The Damned.” You can check out the seven interesting things and facts about that record that we found, and that you maybe didn’t know about.

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