Suicide Bombers – “All For The Candy” Track by Track Guide

Norwegian sleaze rockers Suicide Bombers released their fifth album All For The Candy back in February this year. After seeing them live in Bergen and agreeing with the band on doing an extensive track-by-track review of the songs from this magnificent release, we posted a story weekly from April to June. For easier navigation through all the stories, we decided to put them all together in one place.

The album contains a total of 12 tracks, and it is possibly the best release the band has had to date. We also rated it back then with a 1-0/5-0 method, and it received a high 8.5/10 rating. The intro and the outro were not included in this rating. In other words, this album is not your ordinary American Sunset Strip sleaze. There is something more to it, and that is the unique Scandinavian rock flavor. It is grittier, dirtier, and sleazier, but again, that is what makes this genre of music so great – great guitar riffs, blazing solos, and memorable choruses. Only this time the guys added one more secret ingredient to all this – it’s all for the candy right? so if you really want to talk genres, fine. Then we can call it “gritty candy sleaze” or something like that. Enough talking! Let’s dive into all the secrets and never-heard facts about every song from All For The Candy.

All For The Candy (2024)

1. iNTRO

2. Dynamite Playboys

3. Take It Off

4. Tonight Belongs To Us

5. Out Of Love

6. You Better Believe It

7. All For The Candy

8. Caligulizer

9. Videodrome 2049

10. Last Call

11. Where Time Always Goes

12. Outro 

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